DYNA-EndoWear 3HK

Universal Implant Wear Simulation type 3K


DYNA EndoWear 1


DYNA-MESS has developed the DYNA-EndoWear- series in close cooperation with universities, renowned users and clinics. Only one machine is required to test hip and knee joint types according to DIN EN ISO 14242-1 (hip) and 14243-3 & 14243-1 (knee).


 DYNA EndoWear 2                             DYNA EndoWear 3  


The machine is electrically powered and does not require compressed air or hydraulic oil. Thanks to our compact design, DYNA-EndoWear requires comparatively little space in the laboratory.


DYNA EndoWear 4In addition to the three test stations DYNA-EndoWear always contains a reference station for loaded conditioning without wear influence.


All axes are controlled in closed-loop synchronously by our new high-performance multi-channel controller DYNA-CLC. Together with our established Software DYNA-TCC tests according to the norms mentioned above can easily be parametrised and executed.


ADYNA EndoWear 5 six axis load cell measures force and torque at each test station. Dynamic loads up to Fx=300 N, FZ=3000 N und MZ=10 Nm are possible.


DYNA-EndoWear is currently available in three different configurations:

  • DYNA-EndoWear 3H for Hip only
  • DYNA-EndoWear 3K for Knee only
  • DYNA-EndoWear 3HK for Hip and Knee


For tests in medium (e.g. saline), each test station is equipped with a leak detection and can be temperature controlled.


 PDF Symbol Datasheet DYNA-EndoWear

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