Bending test according to DIN 53442

DYNA-MESS provides testing machines to perform bending tests according to the DIN 53442 "Flexural fatigue testing of plastics using flat specimens". DYNA-MESS testing machines are adapted to test up to 5 specimens at the same time.

DIN 53442 standard

Prüfung nach DIN 53442For continuous bending/fatigue tests on plastic specimens according to the DIN 53442 standard, the part must be clamped on one end and the other end is moved up and down to generate a dynamic load. The standard prescribe a mechanical operation over many cycles and a subsequent evaluation of the specimen.

Test up to 5 samples simultaneously with individual forces recording

DYNA-MESS testing machines for DIN 53442 are far beyond the minimum requirements of the standard.

Prüfmaschine DIN 53442First with its special fixture five samples can be tested at the same time. This feature minimizes the testing time in order to have a statistically valid sample size.
Secondly, the force applied on each sample is measured and recorded independently. Thus, it is possible to have a report for each sample.

By continuously recording data throughout the test period, it is possible to have a statement not only about the type of damages or change in the test parameters but also, the evolution of the damages or parameters while performing a test. All data are automatically recorded for further documentation.

Temperature measurement

In addition to the force measurement, it also possible to monitor the temperature of each sample during a test. This enables an accurate analysis of the evolution of the damages that occur to the sample during the test.

Cost-efficient servo-pneumatic drive

The testing machine is equipped with a servo-pneumatic actuator, which represents an inexpensive testing machine compared to a servo-hydraulic one. DYNA-MESS testing machines can also be used for other kinds of tests as compression/bending/fatigue according the DIN 50100.

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