Table-top testing machines

DYNA MESS Prüfmaschine TP

  • Nominal load from 1 kN up to 20 kN
  • Applications: quasi-static and dynamic tests for materials and components

Vertical testing machines

DYNA MESS Prüfmaschine V2H 20 kN

  • Nominal load from 5 kN up to 10.000 kN
  • Applications: quasi-static and dynamic tests for materials and components

Horizontal testing machines

Drahtseil Prüfung auf Horizontal Prüfmaschine

  • Nominal load from 50 kN up to 10.000 kN
  • Clamping length of 50 m and more
  • The machines combine test and stretching tasks for ropes, cables, etc.

Torsion testing machines

Dynamische Torsionsprüfung

  • Nominal torque from Ncm up to kNm
  • Dynamic load combined with axial loading
  • Dynamic torsion tests at a speed up to 7000 min-1 including vibration simulation

Functional testing machines

Messeinrichtung für Kopfhörer

  • Determination of service life, fatigue behaviour, wearing, ...
  • Based on standard or tailormade solution
  • Uniaxial or multiaxial load

Special testing machines

Dynamische Zugprüfmaschine 5 MN

  • Testing machines for special applications
  • Multi-axis systems
  • Tailormade machines, drop impact tester

Inspection stations

EOL Püfung fertigungsintegriert

  • End of production line or in-line testing
  • Fully automated operation
  • Production control and quality management

Test cylinders and components

Servopneumatische Prüfzylinder

  • Servo-pneumatic cylinders
  • Servo-hydraulic cylinders
  • Servo-electric actuators

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