Self supporting sandwich panels tests according to EN 14509 standard

Sandwich Biegeprüfung EN 14509The requirements for testing sandwich panels (elements) are described in the DIN EN 14509:
"self-supporting double skin metal facing insulating panels - factory made product - specifications".

This standard shows all requirements for prefabricated self-supporting double skin facing insulating panels, which are designed for discontinuous laying for the following applications:


  • Roof and roofing
  • Exterior walls and walls covering
  • Walls (including partition walls)
  • Interior ceiling

Sandwich Querzug EN 14509The standard is also dedicated for panels with a treated polyurethane foam, expended extruded polystyrene foam, cellular glass or mineral wool core.


Factory production control

DYNA-MESS testing machines can be part of the production control which allows detection of defects and insures the quality of the product.

  • Shear strength
  • Shear modulus
  • Tension strength
  • Compression strength

Standardized tests and automatic properties calculation

Sandwich Vierpunkt BiegeversuchDYNA-MESS offers testing machines with accessories such as 4-point flexion fixture, shear devices and external position measurement sensors to perform a wide range of standardized tests.

DYNA-MESS software calculates automatically all the mechanical properties during the test.


Practice-oriented operation

In many cases, DYNA-MESS test machines need to be integrated into the production line. The robust, easy to maintain design, as well as the user friendly software provides an excellent solution for in-process testing.




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