Mobile test benches for ropes and slings

The lifting and load handling materials like the one listed bellow have to be frequently tested according to UVV VBG 9a.

  • ChainsKettenprüfmaschine
  • Chain anchors
  • Ropes
  • Textile ropes
  • Round slings
  • Round slings anchors
  • ...

Prüfmaschine für mobilen PrüfserviceA test bench for traction testing of the lifting equipment gives safer and more accurate results compared to a simple visual inspection.

For efficient testing, without shipping costs and minimal downtime, a mobile testing station can be used to perform the test on-site.

DYNA-MESS offers a testing machine that can be mounted in a service vehicle and be easily transported from site to site for testing lifting equipment.

Optimized for mobile testing

In comparison with the standard machines, this test bench is especially designed to be transported on-site. 

  • The design has been optimized with the FEA method to reduce the weight of the machine and to be mounted in a service truck.
  • The machine is equipped with a special quick release clamping tool to rapidly test different types of lifting equipment.
  • The machine is easy to operate with a control system with standard testing procedures that can quickly be programmed and run.
  • Documentation of the test results

Machine types and variations

Frame construction

  • Fixed inside a vehicle, not portable (for test in a service vehicle)
  • Portable (for test outside the service vehicle)
  • Extendable for testing specimens with different length

Nominal force

  • As requested by the customer, typically 20 t (200 kN)

Length of the machine

  • Adjusted to the vehicle of the customer, typically ca. 4 m


  • Only data display, not possible to save the results to transfer them on another computer for analysis
  • Read RFID tags for a unique identification of every lifting equipment


Horizontal testing machine


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