Functional and components testing machines

Dauertest an HandbremseFunctional and component testing machines are used for testing mechanical assemblies for:

• Service life
• Fatigue behavior
• Wearing

These testing machines are used to reproduce the real condition of operation in a laboratory.

Examples of performance tests

  • Vibration tests on car seats to inspect the adjustments (longitudinal and height).
  • Test of clutch and brake pedals with coupling and braking force.
  • Wear tests on steering column adjustments (up/down, forward/backward and clamping).
  • Fatigue test on bicycle handlebars (mountain bike).

Cost-efficient servo-pneumatic drives

Prüfung Lenkrad 4 achsigMost of the time, functional testing requires a lower nominal test load compared to other kinds of applications. Because of that, it is possible to use servo-pneumatic actuators that are a good cost-reducing alternative to servo-hydraulic systems. The standard force and displacement control as well as various measuring devices can be installed on the machines depending of the test requirements.


Multi-axis systems

Prüfung FahrradlenkerThe test to be performed with functional test machines often requires multiaxial loads. DYNA-MESS testing machines are flexible and can be adapted for any testing requirements according to performance, measurement and electronic control system (more channels, loads phasing, etc.).


Environmental simulation

Prüfung Kopfhörer AndruckmessungDYNA-MESS testing machines can also be provided with a temperature controlled chamber. The electronic controller can handle testing under a temperature range from -40°C to 80°C. Humidity control inside the chamber is also possible.

Areas of application

Fatigue test
Functional test
Service life
Continuous operation test
Pedals testing
Steering wheel
Steering column


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