Seats testing

Car seats need to be subjected to a wide range of mechanical tests before they can be commercialized. DYNA-MESS provides machines specially designed for this application. The machines can be used to determine the service life, stiffness of the seat, etc.


Fatigue tests

Pruefung an SitzlehneFatigue tests can be performed with different methods as: classical fatigue tests, multi-stage/block experiments or cyclic/ramp experiments. Both the structure and the material of the seat are tested. To achieve those tests, the force is applied on the back and the bottom of the seat to recreate accurately the real load that will be applied on the seat during normal usage.


Traction and compression tests with one test cylinder

In many cases the load must be applied in two or more Sitzpruefstanddirections. Due to the advanced servo-control technology, these loads can be applied with only one test cylinder. These cylinders have an integrated displacement and force measuring device to ensure an accurate approach to the desired load and position.


Multiaxial tests

Fahrsimulation an SitzWith the help of the experienced technical team of DYNA-MESS, single and multi-axis tests are easy to implement. The tailor-made software is configured for multi-axial testing and provides an accurate control of the machine during the experiment. In multi-axial testing, the software ensures the correct loading sequence and the synchronization of all the axes.


Continuous data recording

By continiously recording data throughout the experiment,Schnellzugmaschine fuer Sitzverstellungen it is possible to track the degradation of the seat while performing a test. All data are automatically recorded for further consultation or analysis.


Seat adjustments

In addition to the testing of the seats assembly with the servo-pneumatic actuators, the adjustment of the seat (height, position, declination, etc.) can be tested. This is achieved by the means of electronic actuators. The tailor-made software of DYNA-MESS can easily handle the synchronization of all the actuators.


Stiffness measurement

Spielmessung und Steifigkeitsmessung an SitzenTo determine the stiffness of the back of the seat, a quasi-static load is applied at a user-defined value. Displacement sensors are also used to record the deformation of the seat at different positions on the structure.




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