Horizontal testing machines

DYNA-MESS horizontal testing machines are used for testing:

Drahtseil Pruefung auf Horizontal Pruefmaschine• Slings
• Lashings
• Chains
• Cables
• Synthetic fiber ropes
• Natural fiber ropes
• ...

Depending on the testing requirements, vertical test machines can also be used.


Test frame up to 40m long and force up to 10MN

Spannzeug fuer SeilpruefungDYNA-MESS horizontal testing machines have a very strong frame which allows a nominal force up to 10MN. In addition, the frame can have a length up to 40m to perform test on real size specimens.


Standardized test

Standard tests can be performed with distance or force control. The electronic controller accuratly stick to the set parameters during the test (speed, maximum load, holding time, strain values, etc.). The experimental procedure is completely automated and a lot of test modules are available to comply with a wide range of standard tests.Horizontal Pruefmaschine 3000 kN
Some test modules even allow to perform dynamic tests to determine the service life of the specimens. It is possible to perform dynamic tests with two different approaches: with a pre-programmed waveform (sine, rectangular, etc.) or with a specified path given by the user.


Special purpose and stretching machines

Hebeband Pruefung auf Horizontal Pruefmaschine 2500 kNThe testing software can be adapted for any situation in order to meet all customer needs. DYNA-MESS offers tailor-made solutions that can be easily implemented for torso testing (safety equipment) or long length tests (e.g. anchor chains for ships).

The machines can also be used as stretching machines as part of the manufacturing process.

The machines can be provided with a comprehensive range of fixtures for ropes, slings and chains. It is also possible to equip the system with many kinds of measuring sensors.


Areas of application

Rope testing
Wire/Rope inspection
Round sling
Stretching machine
Fatigue tests for ropes


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