Dental prostheses and dental materials


DYNA1dent für Ermüdungsprüfung DIN EN ISO 14801DYNAdent 14801 : perfectly adapted for dynamic testing of endosseous dental implants according to ISO 14801

The entirely electrically operated testing machine DYNAdent 14801 is especially designed for dynamic testing of dental implants according to ISO 14801 (no hydraulic or compressed air is required).

The design of the machine represents a complete solution for dental testing which includes a testing reservoir, fixture to mount the implants at angle and sliding joint for a loading free a lateral forces.

More information about this machine can be found here.

With the DYNA-MESS TP servo-pneumatic machines, it is possible to do a wide range of tests on dental materials and prostheses. The TP 5kN HF is the most commonly used machine for that application.


Fatigue tests for dental implants (DIN EN ISO 14801)

Prüfung DIN EN ISO 14801The DIN EN ISO 14801 standard:"Denstistry, Implants, Dynamic fatigue test for endosseous dental implants" describes the testing procedure and evaluation for worn endosseous implants. The test procedure is valid for implants made of titanium and all kinds of ceramics.

The TP 5kN HF standard test machine is able to perform this experiment. With this machine, it is possible to perform tests under a specific environment with a frequency up to 35 Hz. It is also possible to do the test on a non-controlled environment with frequency up to 15 Hz.


Standardized shear test

Prüfmaschine Dental ZahnmedizinFor standardized tests where the load needs to be applied in angle with the clamped implant, both clamping tools and special adapters are available. In addition, a lot of fixtures and accessories are available which allow the possibility to perform a large range of tests (traction, bending, etc.).


Testing of dental materials

Vierpunktbiegeprüfung an ZahnkeramikThe testing of dental materials can be made on standard specimens or on prostheses. DYNA-MESS's servo-pneumatic testing machines have been used successfully for testing those materials since 1992. Based on university researches, it is now possible to manufacture dental materials and implants more accurately. DYNA-MESS is proud to contribute to that progress by manufacturing test machines to characterize the mechanical properties of those materials.


Orthodontic apparel

Prüfung Zahnmedizinische WerkstoffeStatic tests can be performed to determine the shear strength of fasteners for orthodontic arches and tensile tests on orthodontic wire with the machine TP 5kN RF. It is also possible to perform fatigue tests on "traditional" braces, brackets and lingual brace.


Continuous data recording

By continuously recording data throughout the test period, it is possible to have a statement not only about the type of damages or change in the test parameters but also, the evolution of the damages or parameters while performing a test. All data are automatically recorded for further documentation.


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