Test cylinders

Servopneumatische PrüfzylinderThe flexible design of DYNA-MESS testing actuators include the following components:

  • Test cylinders
  • Servo-valves
  • Load sensors
  • Measuring system

Servo-pneumatic cylinders

Servopneumatik Zylinder• Static test
• Type SPIAx/P LCF : dynamic tests up to 10 Hz
• Type SPIAx/P HF : dynamic tests up to 35 Hz
Servopneumatische PrüfachseOption:
• Cross-force support
• Universal joint adapters
• Trunnion ends


Servo-hydraulic cylinders

Hydrostatischer Pruefzylinder• Static tests
• SPIAx/H LCF : Dynamic tests up to 10 Hz
• SPIAx/H HCF : Dynamic tests up to 100 Hz


Electric actuators

Elektrische Prüfachse• Static tests
• SPIAx/E : cyclic tests



All DYNA-MESS testing machines are equipped with high precision force and displacement measuring sensors.

Additional sensors can be easily integrated to the machine as temperature sensors for example.


Electronic control and software

DYNA-MESS electronic control can be supplied to be installed on a desk or in industrial enviroment in tailor-made cabinets regrouping all the electronic controls and the computer.

A Windows© operating computer and our tailor-made software DYNA-TCC are included with all of our testing machines.

Areas of application

Components testing
Test laboratory
Seat testing
Pedals and pedal assembly
Steering column


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