Special testing machines

In addition to its standard testing machines, DYNA-MESS is also specialized in the development of tailor-made solutions.

Custom test systems

Prüfung LenkwelleSpecial inspection tasks might require a tailor-made machine. DYNA-MESS is a specialist on that field. From conception through engineering and manufacturing to commissioning, DYNA-MESS experienced technical team will find the right solution for your application.

Prüfung ZahnriemenThe tailor-made design of the machines does not only include the mechanical engineering but also the development of our testing software for specific testing applications. As DYNA-MESS develops its own software, the test parameters can be easily and quickly adjusted to comply with all kinds of testing applications.

Prüfstand für Räder und RollenExamples of tailor-made test machines:

  • Functional testing machines (steering column, pedals, ...)
  • Dynamic testing machines for bearing with internal combustion simulation
  • Industrial testing equipments with hydraulic actuators, electronic controllers and special measuring devices.
  • Material testing for special applications (bending, forming, stamping/embossing experiments, ...)
  • ...

Test facilities and large-scale testing machines

Modulsystem servohydraulisches PrüffeldThe deployment of test facilities results in huge flexibility. For this purpose beside diverse hydraulic, control and electronic components, DYNA-MESS supplies its customers with mobile test cylinders with a nominal force range of 100 - 1000 kN. This makes it particularly possible to realize multi-axes-test-systems in which the various axes can be flexibly assigned separately or combined to construct the desired test.

Large-scale plants are required in cases where huge components, such as rotor blades for windmills, are to be tested.  DYNA-MESS offers large-scale plants with up to six test cylinders for such cases, where nominal forces of up to 400 kN and strokes of up to 9 m are feasible per cylinder. Static, destructive/damage tests as well as dynamic fatigue tests can be hereby conducted.

Additionally custom built security concepts such as access restriction, warning in form of sound and light etc. can be integrated into the test software.


Drop weight testers

FallwerkDYNA-MESS has provided many impact testing machines in the past years for many different kind of applications.
The impact testing machines can be designed as vertical impact testing machines with a falling weight or classic pendulum machines.


Measuring machines

Spielmessung und SteifigkeitsmessungIn addition to destructive test machines, DYNA-MESS also produces measuring machines that do not damaged the parts.

Depending on the application, the measuring machines are designed to measure:

  • static properties
    stiffness, hysteresis,...
  • dynamic properties
    hysteresis, stiffness, loss angle, ...
  • dimensional measurement
    height under load, adjustment , ...
  • functional measurement
    bonding strength, ...

Areas of application

Component testing
Steering column
Pedals and pedals assembly


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