Steering column testing

Test benches for dynamic testing of steering column

Torsionspruefung an LenksaeuleThe testing of steering columns is achieved by a rotation of the steering wheel to a certain angle while the other end of the column is hold with a corresponding force. To perform these tests, two electric actuators are required. The first one is to control the angle of the steering wheel. The second one (steering gear side) is synchronized with the first one but is clamped to the column with a define function for the holding force: Md= f(j).
To investigate the wearing of the steering shaft, it is possible to change the clamping point on the column during the test with a translation movement oscillating at a frequency up to 10 Hz.
The test rigs are equipped with angular, moment, distance and displacement sensors.  
To suit a variety of steering shaft geometry, the test benches can run in different adjustable axes. For application limited to only a certain type of steering columns, the design is adapted in order to facilitate the setup of the parts.  
Operation, parameters of the tests, online graphics and documentation of the tests are controlled by DYNA-MESS testing software CIMTronic Control 2000.




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