High frequency tests

Dynamische Pruefmaschine fuer Sweepversuche an MotorlagernHigh frequency testing machines can be used for fatigue tests and for the determination of the dynamic behavior of a part over a wide range of frequencies.

Typical application of those machines is the determination of the dynamic stiffness and loss angle of rubber/metal components.

DYNA-MESS offers the following solutions for high frequency tests:

The main challenge while designing those machines is to not operate at the natural frequency of the frame of the machine. Considering this, DYNA-MESS selects every component of the machines as hydraulic cylinders, servo-valves, sensors and controllers with extreme care.

In case of the modernization of an existing machine, all hardware components that are in good condition (frame, sensors, hydraulic components) remain in place but the existing control system is always completely replaced.
Operation, tests parameters, online graphics and documentation of the test are all controlled by DYNA-MESS software CIMTronic 2000.


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