About Us - Company Information

As a manufacturer of machines for mechanical testing, the core business of DYNA-MESS is the development, design and implementation of customized testing machines, while focusing on dynamic component testing, fatigue tests, as well as customized machines for special applications. For conventional testing applications, DYNA-MESS provides a wide range of standard testing machines.

Additionally DYNA-MESS offers a broad range of service including: calibration, training, technical support and testing assistance.

DYNA-MESS is recognized worldwide in the materials testing industry for its personal consultation, competent engineering and service, while operating under the ISO 9001 qualified standards.


we quickly respond to your testing requirements.


our technical team will help you finding the best solutions for your testing requirements.

Customer oriented

we use an individual approach to adapt to your needs.

Areas of application

Dynamic tests
Functional testing
Fatigue tests
Service life testing
Materials testing


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