Pruefsoftware DYNA TCC NavigationspanelDYNA-MESS developed the testing software DYNA-TCC, which allows easy and intuitive operation of the test machine.


Basis package and standard modules

DYNA-TCC is built in a modular way, thus in addition to a basic package several software modules can be added. Examples of standard modules are

  • Multi-Step Oscillation Test
  • Tension- and Compression-Test
  • Manually Defined Ramp Test
  • ...

In addition to these flexible and user friendly modules DYNA-TCC provides standardized tests such as:

Pruefsoftware DYNA TCC Pruefmodulbibliothek

  • Tension Test (EN6892)
  • Cross Panel Tensile and Compressive Strength Test (EN14509)
  • Shear Test (EN14509)
  • ...


Automatic Controller DYNA-AC

Pruefsoftware DYNA TCC Online Grafik ZeitverlaufAs an extension for Oscillation Tests the iterative self-learning controller DYNA-AC is available. It creates repeatable curves and optimal loads for your specimen.


Service Strength Tests

Simulation of user-defined multiaxial load spectra can be performed with the module „Alternating Stress Fatigue Test“. Our diverse variety of evaluations guarantees a thorough analysis of your test.


Simple implementation of custom software modules

In situations where your task or demand is insufficiently covered by the already existing modules, it is possible to newly create or upgrade existing tests to suit your specification.

Tools and Add-Ons

Besides operating the machine and conducting tests DYNA-TCC offers more functionalities to facilitate working with the test machine and data:

  • Data export to ASCII or tdm format (DIAdem)
  • Subsequent display and evaluation of data
  • SmartMessenger:  state of the test machine/test via text message or email
  • WebMessenger: accessing state of the test machine/test via Internet
  • DYNAVision: integration of a camera system, acquiring pictures and videos synchronously to data
  • ...

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