Tests for elastomer components

DYNA-MESS test machines can be used to test elastomer components. Both static and dynamic tests can be performed to characterize the mechanical properties.

Static and dynamic tests

Pruefmaschine zur ElastomerpruefungStatic tests for elastomer components are generally used to determine the stiffness of the material. On the other hand, dynamic tests (vibration tests for example) can be used to determine the behavior of the material under a certain load. Typical characteristics that can be measured are:

  • Hysteresis
  • Stiffness at different operating points
  • Dynamic stiffness
  • Loss angle
  • Damping
  • Service life
  • ....

Fatigue tests

Fatigue tests are used to determine the behavior of an elastomer component under a long-term loading. The continuous data recording function of the DYNA-MESS software allows the user to have information about the change that occurs to the material while performing a test.

Laboratory and serial tests

The test machines can be designed to perform research and development tests in a laboratory or to perform quality control inspection on a production line. Production integrated test machines can be equipped with an automatic feeding system. Special equipments, as the hydromount clamping tool (patent DYNA-MESS), can be developed to suit any applications.

Cost-efficient servo-pneumatic or powerful servo-hydraulic

Depending of the test requirements (load, frequency, etc.), the machines are designed with a servo-pneumatic or a servo-hydraulic drive.  For a load frequency up to 35 Hz, the servo-pneumatic drive is a low cost solution for mechanical testing. For higher test frequencies and loads, a powerful servo-hydraulic drive has to be used.

Multiaxial loading

In addition to the uniaxial test machines, DYNA-MESS also designs machines for multiaxial testing. For example, it is possible to equip the machine with several actuators to create torsion on the part.

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