Vibration stimulaton of structures


Schwingungserreger für BaudynamikA servo-hydraulic vibration exciter, a "shaker", is used to dynamically stimulate massive structures such as bridges or houses. The used hydrostat achieves a nominal force of 20kN and a stroke of 100mm. In dynamic operation, this system can run frequencies up to 110Hz. By the use of variable mountable disks masses up to 800kg can be set in vibration.





Optimal for mobile use

Mobiles Hydraulik Aggregat für SchwingerregerThe compact machine is mounted on a trolley whereas the hydraulic unit is also mobile. This enables measurements on the sample which can be carried out on-site. The shaker can be operated both, in vertical- and horizontal arrangement. Lateral fastening strips allow it to be screwed to the building structure.


Frequency sweep for detailed analysis

Through the software module "Sweep test" the frequency is continuously increased in defined steps. It is also possible to change the amplitude. Evaluations for each frequency or amplitude are included in the module.


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